Meet Whanadi Sobrevilla – Mindset Coach

Whanadi-Ann Sobrevilla is a Mindset Coach, and the founder of the Affinity for Wellness Movement. She is a warrior at heart and always has been. She went on her first hunger strike at the tender age of six, and summited Africa’s highest and most majestic peak, Mount Kilimanjaro (16,000 ft) at 16.

Whanadi’s workshops and coaching programs educate women, so that they can achieve the same results – with grace and ease. By addressing both the external and internal drivers of health and wellness, including mindset, habits and attitude, women can heal by Design, and move powerfully into their purpose and passion with energy and joy.

In this delightful interview, Whanadi joins us to talk about her company, the Women’s Symposium and what you can expect when you attend.

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