Meet Toni Nelson – Toni Means Business

When Toni started her first business, she didn’t have training or a guide book.  Google and YouTube didn’t exist. Everything she learned was by researching, studying and making mistakes.  That’s why she wanted to create this website to give you the help and guidance in kickstarting your business so it’s productive and profitable.

All her friends kept telling me her, she couldn’t start her own business.

The only person who did believe in her was her husband.

Within 6 months of starting her business those same friends came back to her looking for help and advice on how to start their own business!

Quite a change in attitude wouldn’t you say?

Over time Toni was able to bring that business to a 6 figure income before selling it. Pretty awesome for someone who was told they couldn’t do it!

After selling that business Toni was able to pursue her passion of photography, videography and writing.

Toni has come a long way as an award winning Videographer/Photographer, author, speaker, business coach/mentor, and winner of Start Up Nation Top 100 Home Based Businesses.In fact Toni Nelson ranked in the top 10 for most innovative.