Meet Tisha Hammond, CEO/Small Business Cheerleader

"Meet Tisha Hammond, CEO/Small Business Cheerleader"

Tisha Hammond is The Small Business Cheerleader – Guiding You From Launch to Ascent

Her passion is making Entrepreneurs. Her Business Consulting strategies are customized for the aspiring Entrepreneur or the existing business owner/operator looking to expand through growing pains.Tisha is passionate about mentoring Entrepreneurs of all ages and discovering multiple income streams forher clients. Her professional network grows steadily through the creation of my Success Team Acknowledgement and Reward System (STARS).

Tisha’s mother was an Entrepreneur and she learned as a child that she could create her own frustrations managing her own business or allow others to create her frustrations as she built their empires. She’s since done it both ways.

Tisha says, “To be honest, owning my company gives me a natural boost that no other career path could. Ascent is my vitamin.”

What do they do?
From Launch to Ascent builds entrepreneurial confidence; teaches skill sets necessary to adapt and evolve in modern-day business realms, and they create higher visibility for entrepreneurs who want to launch a start-up or want to grow into new, unexplored market niches and communities.

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