Meet Samantha Whittaker, Its Okay to Stand Out


Samantha Whittaker is a savvy Public Relations Director and Personal Branding and Publicity Coach that supports and empowers professional women who are finding it difficult to advance in their careers or grow their businesses.

Samantha’s signature talks on personal branding, self-promotion and mastering how to position oneself as an expert easily connects dots and inspires audiences to act and think about things differently.

What makes Samantha’s talks unique is that she understands the struggles that professional women face working in the corporate sector and she also has the knowledge and resources to show these women the exact tips & tricks that big brands use to make it easy for audiences to create successful outcomes.

Samantha is extremely passionate about the topic of self promotion as she strongly believes that women need to shine more light on their accomplishments and learn how to use the power of recognition to get ahead.

In her talks she shows women how to get recognition so that they can become known in their industries, can increase demand for their services and she outlines the steps to a promotional model that attracts in better opportunities helping women to feel empowered, reduce work stress and enables them to confidently raise their asking price.