Meet Marcie Hill – Blogger, Freelance Writer, Speaker

"Meet Marcie Hill - Blogger, Freelance Writer, Speaker"

Marcie Hill is a PR-friendly freelance writer and blogger with over 13 years of writing experience. She enjoys reading,  researching, roller skating, technology, traveling and photography.

Marcie says, “Honestly, I just like being creative and sharing that gift with others.”

Marcie feels that everyone and everything has a story, and she is on a mission to get those stories told through every form of media available.

The topics of her published works are as diverse as my interests, which include:

  • Freelance Successes
  • Self-Published Books & Contributions to Books
  • Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Book Reviews*

Marcie has presented at blogging and social media conferences across the United States.

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