Meet Jennifer Kem – Brand Strategist

"Meet Jennifer Kem"

Jennifer Kem is a Brand Strategist and Marketing Expert, and the creator of Master BrandTM, the first program for small business owners based on the brand ideologies of larger, impactful brands. Her 16+ years of experience creating advertising campaigns, developing innovative products and services and guiding C-level executives to align their business strategy with their brand (both publicly-traded and privately-held) has produced millions of dollars in revenue for companies like Verizon, Oracle, Microsoft, Blue Cross Blue Shield and innovative start-ups in Silicon Valley.

She also owned and operated a successful chain of retail stores in Hawaii in the specialty women’s clothing market, and became a local pioneer for fashion and lifestyle brands. After her stints as both Marketing Executive and Business Owner, she realized that there was a gap in services available to businesses seeking holistic, end-to-end brand strategy. She founded KemComm Media Group, a boutique agency serving small to large businesses in digital brand advertising and marketing to fill that need, and as a result has served over 30+ companies and personality brands as CEO and Strategic Consultant.

She serves as Global Marketing and Brand Officer for Motivating the Masses, a Lisa Nichols company, one of the leading transformational training and development companies in the world. Her clients have collectively created over $500 million in revenue based on her strategic planning and execution guidance. Her reach and impact has touched over 36 million people through programs and services she helped create and execute.

She has been called “The CEO’s secret weapon” and her clients have described her business style and personality as “Inventive Certainty”. She has been said to be able to “smell the money” in her clients’ business. She is working on her first published book and speaks on stages around the world on the topics of strategy, branding and marketing.

Her education includes a B.S. Commerce (Organizational Behavior and Analysis) at Santa Clara University and an MBA (Marketing) pursued at University of California, Berkeley. She logs a minimum of 5 hours per month on personal and professional development education to keep her fresh and motivated in her business and her life.

Jennifer lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her family. She loves reading (real books), shopping in exotic places around the world and is always seeking experiences where she can flex her intuition and common sense.


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