Meet Gilda Rosenberg, Founder Gilly Vending

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Gilda Rosenberg studied and graduated from Wellesley College in New England. Immediately after she graduated, Gilda chased a vision of business ownership.

For 33 years she has been and still is a proud owner of Gilly Vending, Inc. Gilda’s passion for Gilly Vending didn’t stop at just making a vending machine company but through an unbeatable network of distribution‎ and strategic alliances, Gilly developed into the country’s leading minority-owned vending enterprise with hundreds of vending machines nationwide.

Thanks to Gilda and her team, Gilly is known as a dynamic vending force uniquely positioned to pioneer new innovations and effectively brings value to its partnership. What makes Gilly Vending different from the other vending companies is simply within our longstanding Mission Statement: “…unparalleled passion and relentless commitment.” This isn’t just a Mission Statement it’s a promise that will never be broken.