Meet Esther Liska – Glow Branding You

Esther Liska has a degree in International Relations with Master in “International Business and Management” from the University of Westminster, England.

He developed his career between Latin America, the UK and Portugal, a social, diplomatic and business, which contributed to its multicultural awareness and interest in understanding the human being, style, behavior, and projection of its values ​​in established human relations in different contexts: personal, social, in the universe of organizations and the business world, particularly in the projection of the “personal brand”, the potential of the first impact on the development of social relations.

Has international training in the areas of Personal Image, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Sinergologia (read non-verbal language), acting as consulting and training in Personal Branding area.

With certification as the Colour Me Image Consultant Beautiful in the UK, a leading company in Europe with over 25 years of experience in the Image Consulting sector, apply methods of identifying the colors and styles that best match the physiognomy and personality each individual.This follow-up study with the guidance of behavior, presence and image, allows the person to find and be sure of its potential, personal image that projects and is in line with their recognition and their own intrinsic qualities.