Meet Carla Wynn Hall – Hot Pink Publishing

As the President/Owner of Hot Pink Publishing Carla Wynn Hall is totally passionate about helping women birth their untold story. She published her first book in 2014 “The Paradigm: Into the Catacombs of the Subconscious Mind” and was elated at the feeling of releasing her story. From the first sentence she typed, the tears flowed down her face. She was about to birth my story of abuse, rape and tragedy to the world. Yes she was afraid of what people would say, but she did it anyway.

Today her day to day activities include reaching out to women through social media and encouraging them to take part in one of the many programs offered by Hot Pink Publishing. Their motto is “No Woman Left Behind” who has an untold story. This will bring millions of women to the surface who have withheld their story out of fear.

Currently Hot Pink Publishing is hosting Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul, an anthology about the spirit of women. Over 100 women will take part in this program. Part of their signature program is coaching including mindset coaching, mastermind group sessions, writing coaching and money mindset coaching.

Carla the mother of three sons and the grandmother of 2 granddaughters and a grandson. Her middle son is the Vice-President and Marketing Manager of her company. Her 13 year old is the Photoshop Wizard for Hot Pink.