Meet April Iannazzone – Self-Made Woman

"Meet April Iannazzone - Self-Made Woman"

"Meet April Iannazzone - Self-Made Woman"April Iannazzone is first and for most a mother of two AMAZING girls, Makayla and Talia!  Wife and soul-mate to Steve Iannazzone.  April’s  businesses  are built around her family and the lifestyle SHE has dictated!   Once you have that mindset the rest is easy!

What you may NOT know is that for seven years, she ran a very profitable Catering and Event Production Company in Boca Raton, FL.   Only after a divorce, and in order to have more predictable hours for her two beautiful girls April entered the corporate sales world (and loved the money but hated every minute of it).   Later, after seeing a need in the current economy, She launched  ZONE Funding.   This company was designed to help entrepreneurs with their often changing and sometimes urgent cash flow needs. Needless to say, this business has hit a home run in terms of success — simply because it is tailored to meet a very specific need.

While working with the ZONE Funding clients, and in speaking with many of you, a NEW –and equally pressing — NEED has emerged. This won’t “resonate” with all of you, which we get — but if you’ve been in business for — let’s say– a year or more, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You know, when you go into business for yourself, your top “angst” is associated with this question of, “Can I make it work? Will I be able to be successful?” Soon, however, established business owners hit what Michael Gerber calls an “Entrepreneurial Seizure.” It’s when you’ve experienced some success… but you feel like you’ve run up hill both ways in the snow in order to create it. =) At that point, we start to question, “Do I WANT to make this work? Do I even LIKE the success I’ve created?“ Okay — it’s not always that bad — but when you’re wearing ALL HATS in your business, as you know, it CAN get overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. More and more of you — and those outside our small community — have been coming to me about this very issue. If you’re nodding your head when reading this email, you get it — =)

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