Chris Guld – Geeks on Tour

"Chris Guld Geeks on Tour"

Chris loves to learn and loves to teach. She travels the country in an RV with her husband, Jim offering seminars at RV rallies, computer clubs, and senior centers. They make their living thru their website, It is a membership website where a small annual fee gives access to tutorial videos, Ask the Geeks, and Class Notes for their free weekly web class about smartphones called “What Does This Button Do?”

Specializing in the use of Google Photos, Chris teaches people how to get control of the thousands of photos and videos taken with both phones and cameras these days.

She and Jim  love technology that enhances our lives. Like the free Google Photos for effortlessly keeping the thousands of pictures we take, or Google Maps on our smart phones that we use to navigate, or Blogger, the free site we use to keep our personal travel blog.